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About Tricia Holowsko

Tricia Holowsko, RN, BSN, HHP

Tricia Holowsko, RN, BSN, HHP, founded Pure Meridian in 2009 to provide people with affordable means to prevent disease and promote wellness. Starting with family, friends, and Chester County neighbors, Tricia has not only treated but continually educates her patients on a better way of living healthy.

Tricia began her career on the traditional medicine route. She graduated from Villanova University in 1990 with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and began working on a state-of-the-art cardiac telemetry floor at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She excelled in her field as charge nurse and wound care specialist. She cared for very sick patients with a wide variety of diseases. During her ten-year tenure at one of the most renowned hospitals in the nation, she gained amazing insight into the world of medicine.

Several years later, a growing family inspired her to take a position on the maternity floor of Pottstown Hospital. Once her children began to attend school full time, she volunteered as the school nurse for two years. It was during this time that Tricia saw first-hand the negative impact food additives and sugars were having on our children's health.

At the same time, Tricia was facing numbness in her hands and feet, as well as other health issues. Her health deteriorated; over the next year, she felt terrible. Nerve medication and antidepressants were the neurologist's suggestion, but she did not feel that was the right course of action. At that point, she decided to take charge.

A Shift of Mindset

On the advice of a friend, Tricia and her daughter both underwent MSA screening and then proceeded with homeopathics, allergy desensitization and dietary changes, and nutritional supplements. The results were amazing.

This served as the catalyst for Tricia’s journey. Over the years, she moved toward the direction of disease prevention and founded her nutritional and holistic practice. She opened Pure Meridian after extensive training in Ohio and Utah, which included instruction with practitioners who have over 15 years of experience in the field. She embraced the philosophy that the body has an innate ability to heal itself if given what it needs to reverse and heal a degenerative process. She has witnessed this many times throughout her career.


Today, Tricia remains up to date with the latest advances in holistic healthcare through weekly webinars performed by Dr. Shelton (President of Homeopathy in Arizona) on Deseret Biologicals' website and other research. She is a graduate of Bioenergetix College and completed her holistic practitioner degree in 2010.

Correcting imbalances before disease happens is the ultimate goal. So, Tricia works with her patients, in conjunction with their doctors, to come up with recommendations to facilitate healing. With over four years of experience in this field, she has helped hundreds of people reach their optimal health goals, no matter what the situation.

“It is so exciting to be helping people feel better and see their progress month after month. Making positive changes in people's lives is the most rewarding experience!”

—Tricia Holowsko

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