Stories of Renewed Health

At Pure Meridian, we feel fortunate to have been able to lead so many different people down their path of optimal health. Here are a few of their stories.

I am glad to be working my way back to health. I haven't wanted to visit a traditional medical doctor for fear of getting a prescription. I can't wait to see the effects of homeopathy. Thank you for taking time to explain during the screening. The testing is fascinating!"—Male, Age 41

Heart Sign

Your knowledge and the Biomeridian device have gotten to the root cause of the shortness of breath I have had for so long. After taking the Myco Chord and Aller Chord for only a week, the allergies are gone. After two days of taking the drops, I was able to play tennis on a court in the middle of a cornfield, and I suffered no shortness of breath until about an hour of playing. I played again tonight, and there were no breathing problems at all. You're great!!"—Male, Age 48

I have never felt better! After years of feeling exhausted and having so much stress, it is a blessing to be on the track to better health. Getting rid of toxicity and identifying food allergies have greatly improved my quality of life."—Female, Age 60

My doctor said I had irritable bowel syndrome and I was on a lot of medicine but continued to get worse. Healing my gut lining with herbs and probiotics improved my pain and discomfort. Using homeopathics to desensitize food intolerances have now allowed me to enjoy foods that I haven't had in years. Thank you for all you have done to help me."—Female, Age 68

My son has had allergies to mold for years. Detoxing mold from his system and decreasing inflammation has enabled him to get off his medicine. He has not had sinusitis at all this year and is sleeping and breathing so much better."—Female, Age 45

Dear Tricia – this letter is long over-due as you have been an angel in our life for over a year now! I think I got stuck every time I sat down to write this because I don’t really think there are words good enough, strong enough, to thank you for the life-altering impact you and your customized program have had on our life.

As you know, when we found you, we were already well versed in the world of alternative medicine. Our first born daughter was very very ill as a young child, and we thankfully went off the beaten path of traditional medicine, and had regained a pretty good sense of health for her—though it took years. Our health journey helped us to realize that even though we all “looked” healthy on the outside—we actually each (in our family of 4) struggled with different issues. We understand that these issues start small, but when left untreated, can turn into life altering and even life threatening health problems. Funds had run short for us—we could no longer afford $400 stool tests and then waiting 4–6 weeks for results.

Then we met you. I was initially most concerned with my older daughter—and there were a number of things that have bothered me but that I couldn’t put my finger on—your reading from your machine gave us results that made a lot of sense and were very affirming of what we and she had been experiencing. Stubborn symptoms that we had not been able to make headway with began to budge. I don’t think we were quite prepared for how great her health could become. In one years time the entire staff of her private school said they had never seen a child change so much—the brain fog from the mold sensitivity and unaddressed bacterial/viral gut issues were treated—not band–aided but treated with real herbs that were very bio-accessible...it all came together for her—the fine and gross motor skills that were lagging behind because she was either in a fog or too fatigued to actually complete the tasks at hand—it all suddenly clicked. We had used probiotics and certain herbs, minerals, homeopathy for years—but it just wasn’t the right combination, or the right potency or at the right time...

Seeing these tremendous results for our oldest, we all started—and now it is simple to say that we don’t just want “good” health—we expect and want “great” health because we have experienced it on every level. Of course we had to put in more in the beginning, but over time and a better sense of what the issues are for each of us—we have truly regained and captured health and vitality. We are here to tell others that sometimes the road is tough—getting well after being not well is not easy—sometimes it feels like the hardest thing in the world—but if you hang in there, the results are worth it! You are honestly one of the most kind and informed people I know—you “get it,” not just because you are naturally empathetic, but because you yourself have been on the journey, you have felt the pain, you have gone without answers, you were left without hope—only to discover there is a whole other path to health out there that is REAL...Thank you for helping us get to a place we never dreamed possible!"—The Gorney Family